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Commencing the 2015-16 NHL Season on the Ice!


The 99th Season of the National Hockey League will start from 7th October and continue till 9th April, 2016. Through the regular season with 82 games, teams for the playoff can be selected. Basically 30 teams contest for the Stanley Cup playoff.

For this season, Governor of the NHL Board has changed some rules from the 24th June, 2015. In the regular season, three players have been allowed in the overtime now instead of four. It is possible to use four players till 1999-2000 season. Different kinds of problems are seen during the season. From this season, video review can be done in order to a come at a conclusion on an issue. Perfect utilization of time out can be done in the due course. If the team wins in the challenge then it becomes possible to achieve an additional amount of time. However, challenges can be made by the team in limited conditions. If a goal is negated due to an offside situation then challenge can be done on the occasion. The attacking player must not have any connection with the goalie in this situation.

Faceoff rule for the season is changed for the season 2015-16 NHL Season as well. The player on the defensive side has to put down the stick first. In this way, attacking teams acquires better opportunity in the game.

Due to entrance of Jack Eichel in the team, Buffalo is expected to achieve more in this season. There has higher expectation from the time of Gilbert Perrault. The coach Dan Bylasma has been managing the team perfectly. In the season, they have traded with the Colorado Avalanche in order to get hold of Jamie McGinn. In addition other players like G Robin Lehner and D Carlo Colaiacovo have come to the team. Therefore, chance of the team is quite high in this season. Goalie of the team Lehner is quite competent as well.

By winning the central division, Colorado Avalanche has increased the expectation of the sports enthusiasts to some extent. They have succeeded to push the Minnesota Wild by seven games in the first round of last season. However, they cannot play adequately in the last season. Number of the roster has been maintained by the team throughout the season. There is a problem with the shooting percentages. Due to some injuries in the team, they have finished last in the division. In the post season, the team has lost Ryan O’Reilly. In exchange of Ryan, some depth has been added to the team in order to come back in contention for NHL Season 2015-16. By improving the puck possession and power play, more reliability can be offered to the defense of team.

Last year, Chicago Blackhawks has won the NHL Season by defeating Tampa Bay Lightning. Due to elimination of Patrick Sharp and Brandon Saad in the post, problems can be seen with the Chicago Blackhawks in the season. New champion may emerge from this season as checking out the early line courtesy of famed bookie bet365, the Tampa Bay Lightning have the inside track to claim Lord Stanley’s Cup in 2016. New York Islanders can mark their first time in the season at Barclay Center in Brooklyn.

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